AAP Chapter Leaders Take to Capitol Hill, Join Us Today!

A Message from AAP President Fernando Stein, MD, FAAP

Today, I have the honor of joining AAP chapter leaders from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico in our nation’s capital to urge our members of Congress to protect children’s health care coverage.

Traveling from across the country, each leader brings a unique perspective to the critical advocacy work before us, from those who live and treat patients in rural America to those who work in our country’s largest cities.

Our patient stories, our advocacy journeys and the issues that drive them may vary, but together, we represent one strong and united voice for children. With a new Congress and administration in full swing and decisions taking place every day that will impact the future of children’s health coverage, now is the time to ensure that voice is heard.

I write to you today to ask you to add your voice to our effort.

The AAP Chapter Leaders Fly-In, made possible by the Friends of Children Fund, is also taking place in conjunction with the AAP Committee on Federal Government Affairs meeting.

This afternoon, all of us will be meeting with our members of Congress and their staff to share three main messages: Renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), keep Medicaid strong, and support consumer protections in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that benefit children.

For each of these meetings, we will be bringing along new state-by-state fact sheets that highlight how these three programs work together for children.

There are several ways you can take part in today’s efforts from home:

Contact your members of Congress by visiting the AAP’s federal advocacy website and clicking on “Protect Children’s Health Care Coverage” in the Advocacy Action Center. There, you will find a template email and talking points to guide your outreach.

Share messages on social media using #Docs4Coverage on the importance of protecting children’s health care coverage. Sample tweets below:

Children’s health coverage in {Your State} has reached historic highs thanks to #Medicaid, #CHIP, and #ACA. #Docs4Coverage

I’m joining #Docs4Coverage because consistent, affordable coverage gives {state abbreviation} kids a better chance for a healthy future. {link to state fact sheet}

Download your state’s fact sheet for a snapshot of children’s coverage, using data on Medicaid, CHIP and the ACA.

Thank you for all you do for children every day. I look forward to continuing this work together in the name of what is right for our patients and their families.


Fernando Stein, MD, FAAP
American Academy of Pediatrics

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