Advocacy Statement

From the Chapter President

Dear Nebraska Pediatrician,

Policy changes regarding immigration and the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act will have significant implications for the health and well being of millions of children and their families. The AAP released a statement on January 25, 2019 that affirmed support for immigrant families and their children and urged the administration to ensure their safety.

As experts in child health, our input on issues that impact child health is important, and we and should weigh in on the debate.

The Nebraska Chapter Executive Board has drafted a position statement encouraging the state leadership to safeguard child health and child health initiatives. The letter will be sent to you in an email in the next few days. Please consider adding your voice to our efforts to ensure the safety and health of all of our children. Individual contact with our district and state representatives can also send important and powerful message to the policy makers.
Arwa Nasir, MD