Nebraska AAP Project Firstline ECHO Sessions

This ECHO series is made possible through a grant the Nebraska Chapter AAP received from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics.  The sessions were hosted in partnership with Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Project ECHO.

Triage And Response Protocols, Risk Recognition, And Communication
Presented by: Russell McCullough, MD, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center 2/3/21

Epidemic/Pandemic Response
Presented by: Bob Rauner, MD, MPH, Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln 2/17/21

Applying the Current IPC Guidance for COVID-19 Precautions To Your Job and Facility
Presented by: Angie Kratochvil-Stava, MD, Children’s Clinic – Kearney 3/3/21

Clinical Evidence and Basics of Transmission: COVID-19
Presented by: Alice Sato, MD, PhD, UNMC, Children’s Specialty Physicians 3/17/21

NEAAP Advocacy Resources

Voices for Children

Through its “Vote Kids Nebraska” project, Voices for Children recently asked legislative candidates across Nebraska questions about their stances on youth issues so you don’t have to!

View the survey results from our Nebraska legislative candidates

Webinars on Advocacy Basics:

Identify Your Nebraska Senator

AAP State Advocacy

Contact the AAP State Advocacy

Voices for Children 2020 Pro-Kid Legislative Scorecard

Coronavirus Information and Resources

The recent outbreaks and now pandemic of novel Coronavirus have many providers looking for most up-to-date information to care for patients and families concerned about how to care for and keep their children safe. The NE Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the resources below.

For all, the CDC website provides comprehensive information:

The CDC funds state-level programs to detect, prevent, respond to, and contain HAI and AR pathogens.

Updated COVID-19 Clinician Resources Webpage Now Live

At, clinicians will find a searchable database of accredited CE activities and links to key articles and other relevant, timely materials.

The AAP COVID-19 resources home page

The AAP clinical guidance for pediatricians:

MIS-C clinical guidance from AAP:

Telehealth Resources:
Coverage and Reimbursement
CMS Fact Sheet [] on Medicare telehealth
CMS FAQs [] on Medicare telehealth
CMS chart [] on Medicare telehealth
CMS guidance [] on Medicaid telehealth
CMS state guidance [] on Medicaid telehealth
AAP guidance for telehealth coding updated in March

OIG Policy Statement [] on telehealth
OIG Fact Sheet [] on telehealth
AMA Chart of State Telehealth Laws []

Practice Guidelines
AMA Quick Guide to Telemedicine in Practice []
AMA Guidance []for Ethical Practice in Telemedicine
American Telemedicine Association Practice Guidelines []
American Health Information Management Association Telemedicine Toolkit []

Technical Support/Misc.
Telemedicine Quick Set-up Guide in Response to COVID-19 National Emergency [] developed by Drs. Sylvia Romm, Adam Maghrabi, Tisha Rowe, Aditi Joshi
Providing Preventative Care via Telehealth (Code like a surgeon)

The AAP guidance for families:

National AAP Advocacy Initiatives:

Nebraska DHHS Statewide Case Map (includes hospital capacity data):

NEAAP 2020 Fall Pediatric Conference Presentations

The presentation slides from the October 30, 2020 Nebraska AAP Fall Pediatrics Conference are available below:

#CallYourPediatrician #PlaySafePlayWell Social Media Resources

Well-check & Immunization Resources:
Toolkit on (variety of social media graphic in a variety of platforms)

Sports Physical Resources:

Example 1: 
Ensure your athlete has the best opportunity for rewarding and safe sports participation, make sure to check in yearly with your pediatrician!  #Callyourpediatrician #playsafeplaywell

Example 2:
All children should receive a sports physical as a part of their yearly wellness evaluation from their pediatrician in their medical home.  #Callyourpediatrician #playsafeplaywell

Example 3:
What can you do to prevent overuse injuries in your child? 

Example 4:
Prevent sudden cardiac death in athletes–schedule your child’s sports physical with your pediatrician.

Example 5:
Help your girl athlete succeed and thrive!  Know about the female athlete triad and how to prevent it.

Example 6:
Kids can have high blood pressure, too!  Get your child checked annually and make sure they can #PlaysafePlaywell

NEAAP 2019 Fall Pediatric Conference Presentations

The presentation slides from the October 11, 2019 Nebraska AAP Fall Pediatrics Conference are available below: