Medicaid Coverage Resources

Families who are no longer eligible for Medicaid may still be eligible for other types of free or low-cost coverage.

Nebraska DHHS: Preparing to Renew Medicaid Coverage

ACCESSNebraska : The Department of Health and Human Services administers and manages eligibility for Medicaid and Economic Assistance programs through ACCESSNebraska.​

How Pediatricians Can Help Children Stay Covered

From AAP President Sandy Chung, MD, FAAP:

“…A change is coming to Medicaid coverage: a policy that kept millions of children continuously enrolled in Medicaid during the COVID-19 public health emergency will end on March 31.

What can you do?

Families who are no longer eligible for Medicaid may lose their coverage, but they may still be eligible for other types of free or low-cost coverage. This process of redetermining the eligibility of everyone enrolled in Medicaid is being called the “unwinding.”

When is this change actually happening?

Over the next 14 months, states must check whether every person currently enrolled in Medicaid is still eligible, then either renew or terminate that person’s coverage. Every state decides their own timeline for eligibility redeterminations; while some will come now, others won’t get them for months. April 1 is the first day that states may begin disenrolling individuals who are no longer eligible for Medicaid. At least five states are already sending renewal applications, and more states will begin sending notices and renewal applications in April and May. I hope these resources help you prepare.”

Monkeypox Resources

Below are answers from AAP and CDC experts on some of the most frequently asked questions about how to prevent, recognize, test for and treat monkeypox.

Other resources from the CDC and AAP include:

Quit Vaping Campaign Flyers Available

The Nebraska Chapter Champion on e-cigarettes has obtained funding to provide Nebraska pediatric clinics laminated informational flyers with QR codes linking to nicotine cessation resources for teens. These flyers are laminated 8.5 x 11 and in full color. Both English and Spanish versions are available. There is no cost for your order. Available at no cost while supplies last.

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Covid-19 Updated Guidance

For Providers: COVID-19 And MIS-C Testing At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center: Testing and MISC screening information (1/22)

AAP Updated Pandemic Guidance on School & Sports: Interim guidance for schools and returning to sports (1/22)

AAP News: AAP: Masks encouraged for camp, child care, school to prevent COVID-19

News Release: Children Ages 2 and Up Who Aren’t Fully Vaccinated Should Continue to Wear Face Masks, the American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends Article: Face Masks for Children During COVID-19

AAP Town hall takeaways: Experts give answers on COVID-19 vaccine for 12+, dispel myths

After working to carry forward COVID-19 vaccine recommendations for adolescents 12 years and older, Amanda Cohn, M.D., FAAP, expressed relief at being able to take her daughter to receive her first dose.

Dr. Cohn, executive secretary of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), joined an AAP town hall that provided updates on COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents and discussed myths circulating online. Also participating in the virtual meeting were Yvonne “Bonnie” Maldonado, M.D., FAAP, chair of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases (COID), and Anne R. Edwards, M.D., FAAP, AAP chief population health officer.

The AAP and CDC recently released recommendations on the use of COVID-19 vaccines in children and adolescents. Both organizations support coadministration of COVID-19 vaccine with other routine child and adolescent vaccines….

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